Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations Oatley

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations Oatley

A modern home reflects a family’s taste and lifestyle. Everyone should understand that a home is a positive place where a family can get together, relax and spend quality time with one another. However, after years pass, your previously in fashion, modern home becomes outdated and out of trend. This is when a home renovation is required, to re-modernise your home. Having renovations done to your house not only improves your properties market value but allows you to have a new kitchen or new bathroom which you can enjoy and use the full benefits of the upgrade. Designline Kitchens and Bathrooms understand the importance of having comfortability and style in your house and our experienced and trained designers and installers will ensure your renovation is done to your expectation.

Whether your kitchen and/or bathroom floor space is big or small, our team of professional designers who service Oatley who will endeavour to turn your expectations into reality. The most common areas of a house that requires improvements include a kitchen or a bathroom. These spaces require an expert’s overview to ensure that the space is designed in such a way that it is practical and the entire area is used to give you the maximum use of your new area.  Our team will ensure your bathroom and kitchen Oatley will be to your expectations.

Kitchen renovations by our team of professionals

A kitchen can be considered as the heart of the house.  It is the place which meals are prepared and having a large, new area to prepare these meals in is important. Designline Kitchens and Bathrooms have skilled designers for your kitchens Oatley who will help re-create the most practical kitchen ensuring all your requirements, needs and wants are designed in the new kitchen for you.

We have a proven design procedure for kitchen renovations that ensures you have complete control over the design, you are included in all the decision making process as well as provided with various options and advised of the pro and cons of each option to help ensure the perfect kitchen is created to suit your home. A few aspects that we make sure of with the kitchen Oatley design and construction are:

  • Understanding the existing space
  • Finding out what the main purpose for a kitchen renovation is
  • Re-designing the space covering all areas with ensuring maximum use of the area
  • Advising on suggested appliances to suit the kitchen renovation
  • Final check measure and confirmation
  • Project management and installation with a final inspection once completed

Of course, all our kitchen and bathroom work come with warranty.

Bathroom renovations by our team of professionals

Bathrooms in modern homes should be the combination of updated features and a classy design. As Oatley is an ‘older suburb,’ this means a lot of houses have a small bathroom Oatley, which is where Designline Kitchens and Bathrooms come in, we have designers who can help improve your bathroom and allowing you to have a modern bathroom. We will make sure that your bathroom has a design which you are happy with and ensuring that the entire floor space is used to maximum use.

Our team will consult with you understand and creating a design suitable to your expectations. We have all the required tradesmen to remove your existing bathroom, including plumbers, cabinet makers, tilers etc all whom work together and are organised by your project manager to ensure you have that peace of mind that the job is an all-inclusive job completed by us. We promise you the best for your bathrooms Oatley project and ensure that you are happy with the final job.

Please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly staff here at Designline Kitchens and Bathrooms and we would be more than happy to discuss the options available to you to complete your new kitchen or bathroom in Oatley.